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Utilizing Mental Health and Trauma Experiences to Implement Harm Reduction

Inspiring Organizations to Create a More Inclusive

Work Environments

Services Offered as JEDI (Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion) Speaker, Consultant and Trainer


Mental Health and Trauma and DEI (Harm Reduction)

Humanize HR

Why Patriarchal Oppression is Harmful to Men as Well

Inclusive Communication

How The Justice Impacted Can Add Value to Your Organization

How To Value People and Their Work

Anti-Racism (Human Approach)

*Combination of Mental Health and Trauma, Justice Impacted, Anti-Discrimination and DEI related topics

Consultant and Trainer

Trainings and Webinars (Above Topics)

JEDI Coach/Motivator/Mentor-Work with Senior Leaders in non-profit, for profit, and corporate settings to further

their personal understanding of the principles within their company.

Conduct Cultural Competence Audits (Review of language used in policies, recruitment and hiring, on websites, emails, memorandums, and internal training, to ensure that an organization's messaging aligns with their values. 

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