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Bridging The Gap Between The Business And Under Served Communities

About Us

Shaun’s first concern is always going to be about the state of your people’s mental health and the trauma they’ve experienced. He then wants to examine your internal and external communications. How members of your teams are communicating is a clear indication of the equity and inclusivity available to members from diverse backgrounds and with historically marginalized identifications.

These identifications can include race, ethnicity, gender, disability status, age, religious and sexual preference, cultural practices, veteran status, and MAYBE the most stigmatized of them all: justice impacted. There are also many who possess multiple historically marginalized identities, which may intersect at certain points.

Shaun is currently finishing up his B.S. in Communication at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and preparing to pursue his MPH.  Shaun also recently completed a year long fellowship in conflict resolution, negotiation, and mediation sponsored by Habitus and CBI (two organizations based in Boston).  The logos below represent three of the organizations who were some of his clients who believed in his work from the very beginning. Shaun has gone onto work with organizations in their early stages and some organizations with some very recognizable brands, including BACR (Bay Area Community Resources), Kraft Heinz and the AZ SHRM conference.

*Additional Logos and Some testimonials will be posted soon.


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